Mould and Mildew
Does your home suffer from mould or mildew?


Helpful advice for Mould and Mildew removal

Can black mould affect my health

Yes, black mould can be bad for your health, it is especially detrimental to those with chest complaints, respiratory problems and sinus problems. The problem is two fold, firstly the damp atmosphere that creates the mould can be problematic as it supports dust mites and can help to increase colonies of these little critters which give out faeces (sometimes called poo) which aggravates the bronchial paths of those with pre existing problems and can possibly have such adverse effects as cold like symptoms on others, people have reported a feeling of something catching in the back of their throats, wheezing chests, flue like symptoms, sinus irritation and other non too pleasant side effects of living in properties which suffer from black spot mould and condensation.

What is black mould?

Black mould is a fungus which grows in moist humid conditions, also known as black spot mould it is actually aspergillus niger. This mould along with mildew is a common result of condensation problems within a property. Condensation, mildew and black spot mould problems are not limited to old and damp properties, they often occur in newer properties too. The mould can be caused by a number of things including - lifestyle, lack of insulation (solid walls), damp walls, cold walls and ceilings. Leaks, bursts, water beneath your property and anything else which creates humidity or moisture.

Black spot condensation mould

 Black Spot Mould is a result of condensation in these pictures we can see some typical examples of walls and ceilings affected by the mould

Black mould picture

What can I do about mould in my home ?

If you are suffering from the early stages of an attack of mould or mildew then you can often simply wipe it away with a cloth soaked in bleach and water or you can wash mildew off clothing in the normal way using your washing machine. However as the mould intensifies it can be harder to get rid of, it grows into wallpaper, paint and furnishings leaving a black shadow when you try to remove it!

Is there a specialist Mould removal service?

There are specialist mould removal contractors throughout the country.
If you are in Newcastle, Tyneside, Northumberland, Sunderland or Durham, a company called eco-dry
offer a specialist service for the control and removal of black spot mould, mildew, they can also deal with condensation and related problems. Ring them 0167 0707 228 and request a visit at a time convenient to you (they even do Saturdays if you are working and can't be home during the week).
They will send a specialist surveyor to your property, the surveyor will examine the mould, mildew and any other related problems. They may take readings and samples and will ask a set of detailed questions to assess the cause of the mould and your requirements. They will turn the information into a full written report as to the cause of your problem, recommendations for adjustments you can make to help reduce the problem yourself or give you a fixed price for their professional trained staff to do it all for you and stop the problem once and for all. Many landlords take advantage of this mould treatment and prevention service too!

If you want to stop problems with mould yourself, everything you need for the management, removal, and or prevention of black mould, and a range of professional and DIY mould, mildew and condensation removal products and solutions are available from the Preservation Shop (click here). They have a trade counter and an online shop where you can have products delivered next day.They are happy to supply products and give advice to Trade, Public and DIY customers too.

We hope the advice above is helpful, the problem is very widespread and can be a source of anxiety as well as health problems and just a plain embarrassment, the sooner it is dealt with the better for all concerned. There is no need to suffer from this problem as the links above can get you everything from a full service removal to a small bottle of mould removal solution by mail order for around £15.00, something for everyones budget!